Sunrise/sunset for mobile phone

This application calculates visible sunrise, sunset and solar noon time.
It needs from the user to set latitude and longitude, choose date and UTC time zone . By default date and zone are current system values. Time is rounded to minute according to accuracy of calculations, but for areas above the polar circles accuracy is worse than one minute.
Application calculates all values locally, on mobile phone. No internet connections needed. Åven SIM card is not needed if the device can work without it.
This is a first public version. It has been tested on some limited number of models,so you can write here about how it works on different phones and ask questions.


Application works on mobile phones with java.
Download two files with jar and jad extentions and follow the usual process of java midlet installation for you device. After correct installation such an item appears in corresponding menu:

   Sunrise Sunset 


On first launch latitude is set to zero, longitude is evaluated approximately according to system time zone. Then you can set proper values. The last used values will be saved and set on next start, but there could be some devices, which do not support saving data between launches.
This application is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind.


Copies received from other places are used at your own risk.
This application is free, but you can donate if you find it useful

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